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We love to travel and explore the world.  It is easy to put off traveling with children because it may not always seem convenient or easy.  However, it is worth it.  Building memories and expanding your children’s world is priceless.

We plan to share our experiences here on our travel blog.  Tips for travel and what works to make it as simple as possible.  Destinations that work for family.  Staying in one place to fully enjoy it rather than trying to “see everything.”

We already have several blogs and websites, we have found that sharing your passions on the internet keeps you focused on what you really love.  Please visit them if you are interested.

Enjoying South Dakota – a South Dakota Travel blog, finding those interesting things you may have driven past without noticing.

Enjoy the Black Hills – the Black Hills of South Dakota are our home.  This website shares our favorite place to eat, hike and more.  Explore the Black Hills National Forest.  Enjoy trails like the Centennial Trail and the Mickelson Trail.

Enjoy Deadwood – An old west town that is fun to visit.

I Eat Mostly Meat – a site that shares Paleo Recipes.  This diet has helped me lose over 40 pounds.  Plus my chronic joint pain and heartburn have disappeared.  I feel better than I every have in my life.  If you have health problems, consider trying this for 30 days – it may just change your life.

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