World’s Largest Pheasant

by Josh on February 3, 2014

huron south dakota worlds largest pheasant

The world’s largest pheasant is located in Huron South Dakota.  And, for someone like me who loves roadside attractions – this is a gold mine. Photo worthy and something you can pin to a travel folder — count me in!

This roadside gem is on the North side of Huron, right on highway 14.  It was built in 1959 at a cost of 23 thousand bucks, pretty spendy in those days. R.F. Jacobs was the sculptor – he also sculpted the pink flamingo that sat on top of the Flamingo Casino in Vegas.

The old bird was restored for it’s 52nd birthday.  It had deteriorated over the years and over 30 thousand dollars was raised to refurbish and maintain the fowl.

If you find yourself anywhere near Huron South Dakota, this is worth a look.  And, they have one of the largest rocket slide parks in South Dakota too.  Astro City is total worth your time.

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