2012 Dodge Caravan Review

by Josh on May 28, 2012

photo of a 2012 Dodge Caravan Crew

I’d always joked how I ‘d never drive a minivan.  My last several vehicles had either been pickups or SUVs.  But, things change.  We have 3 children (two of them under 5 years old) and one more child on the way.

My wife talked me into buying a minivan.  She was right.  This is really great for us.  The kids are comfortable and the toddlers can even climb in themselves.  This vehicle makes life easier for all of us.  We bought the 2012 Dodge Caravan Crew.

I just made the second payment and we have already put six thousand miles on the van.  We drove it from our home in Deadwood South Dakota all the way to the vacation home we rented in Port Aransas Texas.  We allowed three days of driving each way.  One day we covered 700 miles, and the children were very comfortable.  Still the occasional “are we there yet”, but they traveled more comfortably than they every did in my pickup.



Some of our favorite features include:  navigation, satellite radio, electric doors, 110-volt plugin and the stow-n-go seating.

The navigation is built right into the stereo system.  The directions even appear in-between the gauges – easy for the driver to see them.  Also, the DVDs are loaded from the front.  There is a remove for the video system or controls can be accessed from the main stereo as well.

The automatic doors are great.  The children can easily operate them.  The driver has override controls to prevent them from opening.  And, of course the doors will not open while the vehicle is in gear.

The van has plenty of storage, however for long trips we did add a cargo box.  We picked the Yakima SkyBox Pro 16s Rooftop Cargo Box (Titanium).  The silver color looks nicer than the ubiquitous black cargo boxes.  I prefer the smaller size, it is easier for me to put on top of the van by myself.

This minivan has the mounting bars already on the roof.  Just unscrew them and put them in place.

Here is a short video I put together showing some of my favorite features.

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